exam 3 notes - October 28, 2009 -Transition = stress (f)...

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October 28, 2009 -Transition = stress (f) disruption -loss without compensatory (adequate) replacement (secure) -can alter transitions with the notion of being disrupted -loneliness is one of the scariest social situations -easiest to get out of…find an adequate replacement for it that is secure/stable, and compensates for what you have lost - a process (f) dissonance - process of incompatibility -Common Processes -Starting with Ending: Break-up -Dis-identification: Identity - break up of everything that connected you to the kind of relationships you have had in the past -in order to be available emotionally/cognitively/etc. you must be over/done with your past (gf/rebound gf example) -whatever you search for/look for can be found in the cult…you share their values and whatnot which will re-enforce you joining…dis-engage from society -Disenchantment: Reality alter our perspective -disorientation: significant change in the def. of meaning/involvement -neutral zone -empty/transparent…everything is see through…nothing seems to have much substance -surrender…recognize -Beginnings: subtle reorganization -instruction is the gaining of information, not knowledge -the leader picks people for you to marry, then separates you and your new spouse so that you do not become distant from the group.
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MOVEMENT TOWARD: benefits AWAY: costs COGNITIVE – I think -Investments: not solely economic…the rewards that you get for participation. -Sacrifice
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exam 3 notes - October 28, 2009 -Transition = stress (f)...

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