exam 4 notes - November 16, 2009 Modern Medicine (circa...

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November 16, 2009 Modern Medicine (circa 1990) -technology -procedures -science caring? -empirical -rational November 18, 2009 - Medicine: technological procedures - Alternative: caring/support/reassurance o Complimentary -health is not simply related to not succumbing to certain kinds of diseases -skills/strengths/abilities….when we learn how to enact them we will increase our health -harmony -balance -integration -connection -cooperation -health is a result from our connection to others. -look at the balance in 3 fields of forces that interact with each other: -self/others/environment -efficacy (power): constructive responses -stress the lack of efficacy in terms of dealing with challenge -determination: active involvement…in the planning and implementation of procedures… must become actively involved in the planning and implementation of out lives. -authenticity: valid representation of who you are…strengths, weaknesses, etc… -acceptance: security/adequacy -stability: consistency -expression: comfort/acceptance -healing: connection. Affiliation, support - primal healing -health and connection -disruption of attachment socio-moral decay -harmony affiliation -stress lethal -challenge > capacity -components -croncicity - frequency -comprehensive (scope) -intensity -significance (importance) --stress usual stems from dysfunctional responses
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-support -provided by individuals and networks -instrumental support/material assistance - in formation: knowledge November 23, 2009 -Health (f) skill development that produces a sense of “wholeness” - healing (f) attachment, connection, and affiliation -Self -efficiency: mastery -determination: active involvement -authenticity: valid representation -acceptance: adequacy/security -accept the things you do well and the things you don’t do well -stability: pattern consistency -expression: comfort -social interaction -instrumental: material aid -information: knowledge -emotional: caring Type of assistance must match demands of the event. Loneliness: loss/lack [real/imagined] or sustained, significant, and intimate attachment to -focus (centralized) external object [emotional isolation] -dominant expression: anxiety, emptiness, worthlessness. -dominant fear: abandonment -network: (decentralized) of external relations [social isolation.] -dominant expression (boredom, exclusion -dominant fear: rejection -previously valued self attributes (self isolation) -dominant expression: disengagement, dis identification, disillusion -dominant fear: ???s -loneliness does NOT equal being alone. Bonded relationships: foundation of health/health promotion -attachment: connection -basis of bonded relationships. -significant condition for bonded relationships. something we can rely on…secure attachment. -belief: integrated meaning
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exam 4 notes - November 16, 2009 Modern Medicine (circa...

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