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notes-sept. 28 - down instead of what you originally...

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ISS 210 September 28, 2009 Social Proof - Acceptance is a function of social confirmation - Convincing self is a function of convincing others - Pluralistic ignorance - Werther effect – if I don’t know what to do I find people that are similar to me and do what they do. Combined with ignorance - “the way to be liked is to be like other people” - “Halo effect” and characteristic o If I find something I like in a one product I will find it in another….yet if its something negative I will see it possible in more situations - Success attachment…if not a\successful don’t want o be attached - Attachment success … if you are attached to someone/something you want them to be successful - deflate the success of those we aren’t connected to - When we don’t know what to do we look to others to provide us with the answers. Ex: when taking a test if you see someone else’s answer you will usually put that
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Unformatted text preview: down instead of what you originally thought b/c you will become unsure of your own decision and want to go w/ the group. - convincing others is a way that many of us convince ourselves- going to camp …competitive!!! “my success depends on your failure” -collaborative corporation-jigsaw- 4 students….each student is given one component of the problem…to come to the solution they have to work together….(happened in 5 th saw movie…creepyyyyy) - scarcity - loss > gain… you will be stronger and more motivated to protect yourself from loss than to go after gain- if someone tells you that you cant do something you are usually more motivated to do it. -rebellions do not occur under circumstances where people are fundamentally repressed. They rebel when you had freedoms but now they are being restricted...
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