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VM 101 End of Semester Exam Study topics - Major cause of world wide spread of disease o Emergence of disease, susceptible human population, able to travel long distances, short time frame Major Pandemic in Europe o Black Death Determinants of emergence o Demographics & behavior, technology, industry, land use & economic development, global travel & movements, microbial adaptation, breakdown of public health infrastructure, misuse of antimicrobials, interactions of wildlife, Veterinary involvement in the ecosystem o epidemiology Emerging Disease in Michigan o Rabies, lyme disease, West Nile Virus, Bovine Tuberculosis, Listeria, E.coli O157:H7, salmonella Newport, cryptosporidia, hanta virus, toxoplasmosis, chronic wasting disease Endemic disease in Michigan Deer o Bovine TB Incidence of food borne disease in the US o 76 million US cases per year, 5000 deaths, multibillion dollars in health care, 1:4 people in the US will contract a foodborne illness each year Veterinarian’s role in zoonotic diseases o Veterinary medicine is a human health activity, food security, safe food & water, healthy environment, healthy animals, emerging diseases zoonoses,
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bioterrorism/defense, companion animals, public health infrastructure, advances in medical science Public Practice Pubic veterinarians duties in foreign animal diseases o Disease surveillance, WHO, disease control US agency in charge of customs o Animal Plant Health Inspection Service Us agency in charge of meat inspection o Food Safety Inspection Service US agency that contains FSIS and APHIS o United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Roles of Public Veterinarian o Disease surveillance (epidemiology), disease control (testing, quarantine, eradication programs), public health programs (mosquito control, water & air
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VM_101Final_Review - VM 101 End of Semester Exam Study...

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