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Academia_Abood_VM_101_Handout2011 - Copy - VETERINARY...

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Unformatted text preview: VETERINARY ACADEMIA: What’s it all about? Veterinary Medicine in Society (VM 101) Sarah K. Abood, DVM, PhD Assistant Dean of Student Programs and Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine The vast majority of students who want to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine discover their initial interest for the profession comes from experiences with veterinarians in private practice. Few students, or the general public for that matter, have an understanding of the different vocations available within the science of veterinary medicine. The purpose of this presentation is to enhance your understanding of the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of veterinary academia. 1. Who goes into academia and Why ? a. People seeking satisfaction/fulfillment by learning from and teaching others; b. People who seek intellectual stimulation/challenges by conducting basic or clinical research; c. People interested in investigating new diagnostic or treatment modalities; d. People who want to specialize and __see challenging cases_________; e. People who are committed to leading the profession by _training future veterinarians _. f. Teaching, research, and service 2. When do people go into academia? a. Not typically right out of veterinary school, but after additional training or experience. 3. What kind of training or expertise do you need to get a job in academia? a. May often require an advanced degree, such as __PhD, masters, MBA, JD b. Many academic jobs require __board certification ______ in a specialty area, such as pathology, surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, nutrition or production medicine;...
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2011 for the course VM 101 taught by Professor Dr.ames during the Spring '09 term at Michigan State University.

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Academia_Abood_VM_101_Handout2011 - Copy - VETERINARY...

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