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I VM 101 Assignment 4 Due Feb. 9, 2011 The Food Animal Veterinarian Name Lindsey Hoffman Score Student # A42669331 ___ 1. The current price of milk paid to Michigan dairy producers is $ _ 13.06 /100 pounds of milk. Reference: _ _____________ 2. The current president of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) is? President Christine Navarre _________ Reference:_____________ (on the main page there was a letter from the president) Hint: WWW.AABP.ORG 3. One breed of pigs and one breed of sheep share a name. The pig is black with a white belt over the shoulder. The sheep is a meat type and is white
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Unformatted text preview: with black legs and face. What is the breed? hampshire Reference: ___ and ___________ 4. Name one drug that is specifically prohibited from extra-label use (ELUD) in food animals. ___ ___ Diethylstilbestrol ___________________________ Reference: 5. Extra label use of drugs in food and fiber producing animals can ONLY be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. True __ X ____ False _______ Reference: r/ucm100268.htm ___________...
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