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Answers to study guide 5 on Gametogenesis and Spermatogenesis 3. Stem cells can divide and give rise to another stem cell whereas the other daughter gives rise to a cell capable of differentiation (the daughter cell might also be a stem cell,but a more committed type, to further expand the population of cells). Spermatogonia give rise to the primary spermatocytes and also to themselves throughout the male’s life cycle. Oogonia give rise to a large population of cells destined to become the primary oocytes embryonically but then they are used up and not replenished. 4. One problem is that spermatogenesis requires a Y chromosome but during meiosis after meiosis division I one cell and its progeny will be without it. The other cells and its progeny will lack an X chromosome and there are many gene products essential for life on it. The solution is to have the developing spermatocytes connected by cytoplasmic bridges (much larger than gap junctions) so that they all share all the gene products. A second problem is that during meiosis the chromosomes have to be
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Answers_to_study_guide_5_on_Gametogenesi - Answers to study...

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