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John Ibsen DR099 – Matinee 12/10/07 CFA Faculty Exhibit at 808 Comm. Ave. Visual Arts Apparently the Visual Arts department really doesn’t want me to see this exhibit. I tried to visit this exhibit twice in the time that I had between classes in the morning and the people running this seem to not wake up after noon. In any case I was able to see what I could see through the windows. There were some interesting pieces and some that I thought were not very interesting. I liked the panoramic painting of a landscape. It was visually interesting to be able to follow the landscape from one side to the other. The color scheme was fairly dark, could have been a dusk setting, but I really couldn’t see through the windows. I also enjoyed a collection of sculptures in the corner. I was particularly interested in the way they were presented. They were set of a black pedestal that had various different sizes. At the base of the collection the black pedestal spilled out onto the floor and on the black
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