HNF test 2 - Which of the following is added to coagulate...

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Which of the following is added to coagulate the curd in the chesse making Rennet Which of the following describes a fatty acid that has one double bond? Satuated Hydrogenated Monounsaturated Polyunsaturated Which of the following does not describe the function of fat? Add flavor to food Carrier of fat soluble vitamins Best source of energy for brain Essential constituent of body tissues What part of the digestion process of protein occurs in the somach? Protein is denatured by hydrochloric acid Amino acids are absorbed Amino acids are transferred into the blood stream Poorly planned vegetarian diets are typically low in the following nutrients? Iron, calcium, vitamin D, and b12 What element is found in protein but no in carbohydrates and fats? Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Nitrogen
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Positive nitrogen balance occurs in all of the following except? A growing child A pregnant woman A paient having surgery Shawn is a 21 yr old male, healthy weight 100 kg. which of the following is true? All the above are true Which of the following food has the best assortment of essential amino acids for the human body? Milk Vitamin k is best described as? Being involved with blood clotting How many amino acids are considered to be essential amino acids 9 Lindsey is a vegan, for dinner she eats ½ cup of carrots. A spinach with safflower oil dressing and 1 cup of OJ. What vitamin is this dinner lacking? Vitamin b12
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HNF test 2 - Which of the following is added to coagulate...

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