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Chapter 1: What is Psychology _____ 1. You just attended a lecture on the history and foundations of psychology. You have to write a report on the lecture. The speaker stated at one point that the behavioral psychological perspective is rooted in the work of structuralist Wilhelm Wundt. Would you write in your report that this statement was true or false? Page: 12 _____ 2. Structuralists were concerned with breaking human consciousness down into its essential components. Page 9-10 _____ 3. Psychology emerged from the disciplines of philosophy, biology and physiology. Page 11 _____ 4. William James believed that introspection was the key to understanding the basic elements of consciousness. Page 10 _____ 5. James is a psychologist who studies how individuals’ thinking and behavior are influenced by groups. His particular area of specialization is known as personality psychology. Page 5 _____ 6. The work of William James and John B. Watson is sometimes known as “mental chemistry.” Page: 10, 12
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