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Chapter 2: Psychology’s Scientific Methods _____ 1. The experimental group receives the active condition of the independent variable. Page: 44 _____ 2. A participant must sign a form prior to take part in an experiment. Page: 53 _____ 3. Blind formal experiments are conducted in an effort to rule our experimental bias. Page: 45 _____ 4. In a set of numbers, the mode is the number that divides the distribution in half when the numbers are arranged from lowest to highest. Page: 50 _____ 5. Researchers are free to publish the identity of research participants who were studied using the clinical method. Page: 53
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Unformatted text preview: _____ 6. Under certain conditions, deception can be used in psychological studies of humans. Page: 53 _____ 7. When correlations are positive, this means that one variable caused another variable to occur. Page: 39 _____ 8. The independent variable is what the experimenter arranges or has control over to allow a comparison in an experiment. Page: 44 _____ 9. Formal experiments must have an independent variable and a dependent variable. Page: 44 _____ 10. The careful observation of behavior in laboratory settings is called naturalistic observation. Page: 36...
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