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chp4 - Chapter 4 Human Development 1 Drs Reg and Catherine...

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Chapter 4: Human Development _____ 1. Drs. Reg and Catherine Hamlin pioneered a surgery to repair fistulas in Ethiopian women. They began this work in 1959. In 1993, Dr. Reg passed away. Dr. Catherine Hamlin continues her late husband’s work. In an interview in 2006, she stated that although great progress had been made, there was more to be done, and she wanted to assure that her work would continue after her death. According to Erikson, the psychosocial stage that Dr. Catherine Hamlin’s attitude represents would be that of generativity versus stagnation. Page: 150, 122 _____ 2. The easy child generally has a positive mood. Page: 124 _____ 3. A child lets her classmate, who is struggling with an assignment, read some of her answers. When asked why she chose to do this, she replied, “Because she’s my friend, I care about her, and she would help me too if I needed it.” In Kohlberg’s theory, this girl would be considered to be in the conventional level of moral reasoning. Page: 130 _____ 4. Freddie regularly steals small office supplies from school.
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