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Chapter 7: Learning _____ 1. Cultural variations exist in the occurrence and amount of dental fears in children. Page: 253 _____ 2. Operant conditioning explains the organism’s response to the environment whereas classical conditioning explains the organism’s activity in the environment. Page: 255 _____ 3. Through the process of classical conditioning, service dogs can be trained to do a variety of household tasks, including the laundry. Page: 257 _____ 4. The terms, “reward” and “positive reinforcement” always refer to the same process and should have the same outcomes. Page: 258 _____ 5. Both negative reinforcers and positive reinforcers have the same impact on behavior. Page: 259 _____ 6. Negative punishment and negative reinforcement have the same impact on behavior. Page: 263 _____ 7. The link between spanking and child behavioral problems is reduced when parents show strong emotional support of the child. Page: 264 _____ 8. The effects of delayed reinforcement differ, depending on the species involved. Page: 265
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