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chp8 - 9 Because memory formation is an automatic process...

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Chapter 8: Memory _____ 1. The amazing ability of 59 year-old Akira Haraguchi to recite over 83,000 digits of pi made him famous, because people at his age normally cannot remember much. Page: 283 _____ 2. Marilyn reads that elaboration of information is linked to improved memory and neural activity in the brain’s right frontal lobe. Based upon information presented in the textbook, is this true or false? Page: 287 _____ 3. The quality of encoding will determine the quality of memory. Page: 288 _____ 4. Short-term memory is the same as working memory. Page: 291 _____ 5. Unlike the short-term memory system, Baddeley’s working memory system has unlimited capacity. Page: 291 _____ 6. The course grade that you receive now is a good predictor of how well you will remember the course material up to 50 years later. Page: 293 _____ 7. Your roommate argues that episodic and semantic memories never converge. Is her statement true or false? Page: 294 _____ 8. We automatically organize our memories. Page: 296
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Unformatted text preview: _____ 9. Because memory formation is an automatic process, the greater the brain activation in the prefrontal lobes during processing, the more the memory loss will be during retrieval. Page: 302 _____ 10. According to the author of your textbook, attention is selective because the brain’s resources are limited. Page: 285 _____ 11. Memory research has demonstrated that cannibalism in worms is an effective means of gaining new information for the cannibals. Page: 299 _____ 12. The connectionist view of memory argues that changes in the strength of synaptic connections are the fundamental bases of memory. Page: 299 _____ 13. Unlike younger adults, older adults use only the left frontal lobe in memory retrieval. Page: 301 _____ 14. Autobiographical memories tend to differ from episodic memories in younger males and older females. Page: 305 _____ 15. Traumatic memories are characteristically vivid and detailed with few, if any, inaccuracies. Page: 308...
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