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chp12 - Page 473 9 Egoism is helping another person because...

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Chapter 12: Social Psychology _____ 1. An internal, unstable cause such as effort is usually thought of as controllable. Page: 446 _____ 2. When being part of a group reduces personal identity, it is called social loafing. Page: 466 _____ 3. Social contagion occurs when someone coughs in a crowded room and then several other people cough as well. Page: 466 _____ 4. Social loafing is more likely to occur in larger groups than in smaller groups. Page: 466 _____ 5. Dialogues between people who hold widely differing views will help each side take a more moderate perspective. Page: 467 _____ 6. Groupthink tends to lead to better decisions because of pooled resources and more information. Page: 467 _____ 7. The tendency to favor one’s own group over other groups is called prejudice. Page: 469 _____ 8. The jigsaw classroom occurs when educators overlook the ethnic/racial composition of their classes.
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Unformatted text preview: Page: 473 _____ 9. Egoism is helping another person because it directly or indirectly benefits the helper. Page: 454 _____ 10. The bystander effect is the inability of witnesses to recall the circumstances of an accident or crime. Page: 455 _____ 11. In general, we are more attracted to people who are dissimilar. Page: 475 _____ 12. People’s tendency to choose intimate partners who are close to their own level of attractiveness is known as the matching hypothesis. Page: 476 _____ 13. Studies on love have found that men fall in love more quickly and easily than women. Page: 476 _____ 14. Widows have a tendency to live longer than married women. Page: 479 _____ 15. Researchers have found a connection between a person’s levels of physical well-being and loneliness. Page: 479...
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