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chp14 - 10 Approximately 70 of prescriptions for...

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Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders _____ 1. According to your textbook, schizophrenia is the one psychological disorder for which there is no cure or remediation. Page: 555 _____ 2. The mental health professionals who contributed to the DSM-IV-TR were mainly white male psychiatrists. Page: 530 _____ 3. The DSM-IV-TR assumes that the causes of psychological disorders are internal and independent of environmental influences. Page: 530 _____ 4. Ritalin is harmless if administered to a child who does NOT have ADHD. Page: 531 _____ 5. It has been found that some pharmaceutical companies will fund research demonstrating the need for one of their drugs. Page: 532 _____ 6. Serotonin depletion likely is involved in OCD. Page: 537 _____ 7. There is research evidence to suggest that chromosome 22 may be the genetic location of bipolar disorders. Page: 541 _____ 8. Neuronal death or disability is linked to depressive disorders. Page: 542 _____ 9. Many depressed individuals actually have positive expectations about the future. Page: 540
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Unformatted text preview: _____ 10. Approximately 70% of prescriptions for antidepressants are given to women. Page: 547 _____ 11. Research indicates that children who are at high risk for developing depression have no social or psychological protective factors against the disorder. Page: 546 _____ 12. The most common psychological disorders among individuals who commit suicide are depression and anxiety. Page: 547 _____ 13. Robert is overheard saying “Well, Rocky, babe, help is out, happening but where, when, up, top, side, over, you know, out of the way, sign off.” This is an example of word salad. Page: 552 _____ 14. Persons with schizotypal disorder have virtually the same characteristics as persons with schizophrenia. Page: 556 _____ 15. Research has shown that health promotion programs do not work well with individuals who have severe psychological disorders. Page: 558...
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