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chp15 - offer the same level of care as someone who is not...

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Chapter 15: Therapies _____ 1. Interpretation is used to interpret a person’s dream. Page: 574 _____ 2. Catharsis is the process of letting out emotions based on unconscious conflicts. Page: 574 _____ 3. Gestalt therapists try to encourage self-awareness by being warm and understanding of the client's feelings. Page: 577 _____ 4. The goal of family therapy is to focus on the problems of the abnormal family member and help them find ways of fitting back into the family system. Page: 588 _____ 5. Electroconvulsive therapy is no longer used to treat depression. Page: 571 _____ 6. Cognitive-behavioral therapists believe that abnormal behavior is the result of faulty learning that has been reinforced over time. Page: 583 _____ 7. When seeking help from a mental health professional, a licensed or credentialed person is likely to
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Unformatted text preview: offer the same level of care as someone who is not. Page: 596 _____ 8. Maury is afraid of cats, and his therapist takes him to a local animal shelter. The therapist sits with Maury in a room where cats roam around freely, waiting for Maury’s fear to subside. The therapist is using systematic desensitization. Page: 578 _____ 9. You find out that your new carpool member is a humanistic therapist. You conclude that she would agree that people can control their own behavior and can make their own choices about how to live their lives. Page: 576 _____ 10. Shock therapy is used to treat schizophrenia. Page: 571...
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