Neuropsychology - Chapter 3: Biology and Behavior...

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Chapter 3: Biology and Behavior Neuropsychology 0. The study of the relationship between the brain/body and behavior 1. Human Nervous System 0. Peripheral 1. Central Peripheral Nervous System 2. Nerves lying outside the brain and spinal cord 3. Autonomic Nervous System 2. heart, lungs, stomach, etc. 4. Sympathetic Nervous System 5. Parasympathetic Nervous System 6. Somatic Nervous System Central Nervous System 7. Control center 8. Brain and spinal cord 9. Sends/receives information to/from the peripheral nervous system Types of Neurons 10. Sensory Neurons (afferent neurons) 3. from ears, eyes, tongue, and skin 11. Motor Neurons (efferent neurons) 4. from CNS to muscles 5. Reflex: within spinal cord 12. Interneurons 6. sensory neurons to motor neurons Nature of the Message 13. Electrochemical impulse Types of Neurons 14. Action Potential 7. 240 mph 15. All or Nothing Law Neuron fires or not Refractory Period
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Neural Communication 16. Neurons separated by a synapse 17. Communication = neurotransmitters
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Neuropsychology - Chapter 3: Biology and Behavior...

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