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APA Style Checklist – 6 th Edition Use this checklist to determine whether each report is written and typed in APA style. The checklist is comprehensive of the reports you will write in this course, but is not inclusive of all APA style requirements. Also, inclusion of tables and figures will depend on the content of each paper and your results. You should ask your instructor which will be required. General Typing and Organization Report 1 Report 2 Project Report Have you used 1" margins on the left and right sides, from the bottom, and from the top to the first line of TEXT? _______ _______ _______ Are the parts of the report in the correct order? _______ _______ _______ Have you double-spaced between lines throughout the report? _______ _______ _______ Is EACH page headed by the running head and a page number? _______ _______ _______ Are the pages numbered consecutively? _______ _______ _______ Is the main body of the report (intro, method, results, discussion) typed on continuous pages? _______ _______ _______ Have you used 5 to 7 space paragraph indents throughout the report? _______ _______ _______ Have you typed all the titles and headings in upper and lower-case letters (except the text of the running head)? _______ _______ _______ Did you remember to italicize ALL statistical copy? _______ _______ _______ Have you CAREFULLY read over your paper and corrected typos and spelling errors? _______ _______ _______ Title Page Is your title no longer than 12 words? _______ _______ _______ Are the title, your name and affiliation: a) centered on the page? _______ _______ _______ b) centered on each line? _______ _______ _______
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Title Page (continued) Report 1 Report 2 Project Report c) did you include your middle initial? _______ _______ _______ Is the running head: a) no longer than 50 characters? _______ _______ _______ b) flush left at the top of the page? _______ _______ _______ c) itself typed entirely in capital letters? _______ _______ _______ Abstract Is the abstract head by the CENTERED word “Abstract” in non-bold typeface? _______ _______ _______ Is the abstract no longer than 120-150 words? _______ _______ _______ Have you remembered NOT to indent the first
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apachck - APA Style Checklist 6th Edition Use this...

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