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Library Assignment Name: __________________________________________________________ 1. Examine the following research question: Do stereotypes of older people influence younger peoples’ judgments about them? 2. Create a search statement from the above research question (hint: combine key terms using one or two of the Boolean operators: and, or, not.) and list it below. 3. Go to the PsycINFO Database in GALILEO . Type in the search statement you constructed above. 4. How many citations or records are found using your search statement? 5. Identify at least five citations that are relevant to this topic and type the citation information on a separate page using APA Style. Because you will be finding
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Unformatted text preview: journal articles, you should reference section 7.01 (pp. 198-202) in the APA manual. 6. Go to the Library’s Web page and select “Journals” tab in the “Quick Search” block. Next, search the catalog by journal title to see if the library subscribes to any of the journals listed in the five citations above. Place a check next to the article citations that can be found in the library. 7. Find one article, from the five citations, that is available in the Library or is available as a pdf document and photocopy/print the first page of the article, and attach the article to this assignment....
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