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Attitudes Attitude 0. Any cognitive representation that summarizes our evaluations of an attitude object 1. ABC’s of attitudes: Affect Behavioral Cognitive Attitude Formation 1. Classical conditioning: you come to associate things that occur together 2. Operant conditioning: the effects of reinforcement and punishment 3. Observational learning: the effects of watching a model on one’s behavior Why Do Attitudes Form? 2. Serve various functions 1. Ego-defensive: a protective function 2. Knowledge function: make sense of the world 3. Value-expressive function: express our true self, underlying values, and personality 4. Social-adjustive function: allows individuals to fit in with their various social groups Attitudes Predicting Behavior 3. Fishbein and Ajzen (1977) 4. The primary cause of behavior is not necessarily the attitude one has toward the behavior, but rather one’s intention to engage in that behavior 5. Intention based on the subjective norms surrounding that behavior How do I feel about smoking? What is the chance Smoke I’ll smoke or Not How do my peers feel about smoking? Attitudes Predicting Behavior 6. Explains simple behaviors we are all capable of
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7. What about behaviors that are not completely voluntary? 8.
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Attitudes - Attitudes Attitude 0 Any cognitive...

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