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John Ibsen DR 099 – Matinee 5/3/07 Boston University Opera Institute – La Boheme The opera of La Boheme was a beautiful journey through the streets of Paris. The orchestra, singers and theatrical elements merged together to make an artistic experience in the auditorium. I was originally concerned with the value of the experience with the tickets I was able to get. I was placed upstairs in the balcony, quite a ways up. I soon found out that even upstairs all elements still were able to give me an equal experience. I could hear the orchestra clearly and pick out all the singing. The scenic elements were more difficult to see and experience at that height but the corners were still covered well
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Unformatted text preview: and decorated to be enjoyed from different angles. The music elements were the most enjoyable part of the show. I, personally, enjoy classical music, so this opera was a very enjoyable experience. The instruments used in the composition were beautiful. The strings and woodwinds create a strong background in the overall feel of the music accented here and there by solo parts. The voices float over the orchestra in a delicate balance during intimate scenes. Overall, the experience was quite amazing. The beauty of the scenery and costumes merged together to build a landscape alongside the charming sound of the orchestra and singers....
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