Relationships - Interpersonal Attraction and Close...

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Unformatted text preview: Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships Situational Factors & Liking 1. Proximity Festinger, Schachter, & Back (1950) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Study Physical proximity was the most important determinant of friendship Other Areas 2. Familiarity We like stimuli we have had more exposure Occurs in the absence of information about the person or object Saegert, Swapp, & Zajonc (1973) Other Areas 3. Anxiety:Does Misery Love Company? Schachter (1959) Dr. Gregor Zilstein study Motivating Factor Social Comparison Process Kulik & Mahler (1989) Heart Surgery Study Social comparison fueled by desire to affiliate with similar others AND a need to appraise the situation itself Characteristics of Others Physical Attractiveness Feingold (1992) Sociable Less Modest Dominant Mentally Healthy Intelligent Socially Skilled Are Attractive People Better? Feingold (1992) analyzed 90 studies Found no differences Attractive people: Not More Not Perceived to Be Intelligent Trustworthy Dominant Honest Self-Esteem Sensitive Judgments of Attractiveness Value Transfer or rub off effect viewed simultaneously Contrast Effect Evaluations of our own appearance Brown, Novick, Lord, & Richards (1992)...
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Relationships - Interpersonal Attraction and Close...

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