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Social Influence Social Influence Process by which people directly or indirectly influence the attitudes, cognitions, or behaviors of others 6 Principles of Social Influence 1. Norm of Reciprocity Return the form of behavior received from another Occurs in all societies Inability to return the favor leads to negative affect Variations of the Norm Reciprocal Concessions 0. known as the door-in-the-face: Extreme request followed by smaller request the requester originally had in mind 1. motivated by the concession of the other to reciprocate the compromise 3 Necessary Conditions 1. Initial request must be rejected 2. Target must be given a chance to compromise through refusal 3. Second request must be related to the first and come from the same person who is seen as making a personal concession Related Technique That’s-not-all Technique Bettering the deal before the person has a chance to respond Very motivating 2. Social Validation More likely to perform an action consistent with what similar others are doing
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Social_Influence - Social Influence Social Influence...

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