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Social_Perception - Social Perception Verbal Communication...

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Social Perception Verbal Communication Source Message Channel Receiver Distance Intimate Personal Social Public Territoriality How do you feel about someone? Gestures Gestures are a "sign language" Meaning depends on the: - Context - Person doing the gesture Eye Contact What does it indicate? Contradictory meanings? Sex difference Do’s & Taboo’s of Gestures Shaking Hands Touching Personal Space Eye Contact
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Meaning of Gesture In North America, Russia, and France, means “Good Job!” or “Excellent!” In Nigeria, it is a rude gesture, expressing strong disapproval In Japan, China, and Korea, it is used in counting and means “four” In Argentina, it means that someone is wanted on the telephone In North America, Russia, Japan, France, and Germany, it means “Something is wrong with his (or her) head” or “They’re crazy!” In Laos and France, it means “Bad,” “Zero,” or “Worthless” In Japan, it means “money” In U.S. and Russia, it means “That’s good!”
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