3900Chp6 - Chapter 6 Validity Concepts Definition Accuracy...

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Chapter 6: Validity Concepts Definition Accuracy: validate the interpretation of test performance Face Validity Degree to which a test superficially appears to measure domain Math test Establishing Construct Validity Content Validity Criterion-related Validity Comprehensive evaluation of the theoretical framework for a test Content-related Validity Systematic examination Free from irrelevant variable influence Content-related validity: Process Complete an examination of the literature Generate an adequate sampling of the “item universe” Domain must be proportionately represented in test Content-related Validity: Procedure Domain in consideration must be fully described Description of procedures for item appropriateness & representativeness Cover subject matter and objectives of testing Content Validity Ratio (CVR) Content Validity can be quantifiably measured = number of panelists who agree an item is essential N = total number of panelists CVR Example Gonzalez Anxiety Scale has 50 items 20 experts rate each item not essential, somewhat essential, and essential What is the CVR if 9 panelists rate item 1 essential? Table provided on p. 179 Should we keep item 1? e n
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Content Validity: Limitations Biases Cultural relativism Level of expertise of the panelists Criterion-related validity Index of relationship between test and criterion A criterion should be similar to the test, reliable, and valid SAT predicts college performance (GPA) Two kinds of Criterion Validity
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3900Chp6 - Chapter 6 Validity Concepts Definition Accuracy...

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