itemanalysis - ITEM ANALYSIS OBJECTIVE: To increase...

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ITEM ANALYSIS OBJECTIVE: To increase understanding of item analysis and provide firsthand experience in calculation of difficulty ( p ) and discrimination ( d ) indexes. GENERAL INFORMATION: After a test has been administered and scored, a post hoc analysis is often performed in order to evaluate the test's effectiveness. This procedure often involves an analysis of the individual items on the test. One primary goal of item analysis is to help improve the test by revising or discarding ineffective items. Another important function is to ascertain what test takers do and do not know. In determining the usefulness of an item as a measure of individual differences in ability or personality assessment, the tester needs some external criterion measure of the characteristic. For example, if a test is being constructed to predict performance in a job or at school, then possible external criteria might be an index of job performance (such as supervisor's ratings) or an index of school achievement (such as grades assigned by teachers). The validity of an item for predicting the particular external criterion measure may be determined by computing the correlation between scores on the item and scores on the external criterion measure. The most commonly used correlation coefficient in this context is the point-biserial coefficient.
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itemanalysis - ITEM ANALYSIS OBJECTIVE: To increase...

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