validity - VALIDITY OBJECTIVE: To increase the...

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VALIDITY OBJECTIVE : To increase the understanding of the concept of validity and to provide an exercise in the calculation and interpretation of one type of validity. GENERAL INFORMATION – VALIDITY The concept of validity in the field of testing refers to an evaluation of how well a test measures what it purports to measure. There are several approaches to validity assessment. Validity of a test can be evaluated by analyzing the content of the test, by relating it to some external criterion (e.g., job performance or other test score), or by examining the particular psychological construct which is to be measured by the test. Test validation is an on-going process which ultimately depends on an accumulation of data. Each of these approaches contribute evidence to the overall validity of a test and are not considered mutually exclusive. TYPES OF VALIDITY CONTENT VALIDITY : refers to the extent to which the sample of test items represent the sum total of the domain which the test was designed to measure. Content validity most often depends upon the opinion of experts who decide whether the test adequately represents the domain of interest. A related term but not really considered a measure of validity is face validity.
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validity - VALIDITY OBJECTIVE: To increase the...

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