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4500Sex14 - Chapter 14 Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy...

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Chapter 14: Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy Definitions of Sexual Dysfunctions Table 14-1 Types of Sexual Dysfunctions in Women and Men Sexual Dysfunction Functioning impairment Medicalization of Sexual Dysfunctions Emphasizes a biological basis Sexual Disorder Significant distress and interpersonal difficulty Lifelong Dysfunction/Primary Dysfunction Acquired Dysfunction/Secondary Dysfunction Situational Dysfunction Occurs with a particular stimulus Generalized Dysfunction Generalizes Causes and Contributing Factors in Sexual Dysfunctions Organic Factors Physical illness Sociocultural Factors Restrictive upbringing Psychological Factors Child sexual abuse Anxiety Fear Relationship Factors Contribute to sexual dysfunctions Cognitive Factors Inadequate sex education can lead to ignorance
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Personal Choices: Individual or Conjoint Therapy?
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