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“Positively Impacting Learning Through Evidence-Based Practices” COLLEGE OF EDUCATION VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELING PSYC 4500, PSYCHOLOGY OF SEX, 3 CREDIT HOURS FALL SEMESTER 2010 Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. - C h i n e s e P r o v e r b REQUIRED TEXTBOOK McCammon, S. L., Knox, D., & Schacht, C. (2007). Choices in sexuality (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. COURSE DESCRIPTION This special topics course will explore the psychology of sex. Prerequisite: PSYC 3600 and Senior Standing. VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY GENERAL EDUCATION OUTCOMES 2. Students will demonstrate cross-cultural perspectives and knowledge of other societies. 3. Students will use computer and information technology when appropriate. 4. Students will express themselves clearly, logically, and precisely in writing and in speaking, and they will demonstrate competence in reading and listening. COURSE EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES FOR B.A./B.S. PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE 3. design, run, and analyze research studies and write reports using APA style. 5. Identify plausible psychosocial and biological principles that influence behavior and cognition, given a particular context or situation. 6. Use appropriately the technical language of the science of psychology in oral and written communication. 11. Use appropriate computer technology to complete relevant assignments. 12. Interact effectively and work productively with others. COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is designed to provide you with a background in the issues involved in examining the psychology of sex. The primary goal of the course is to familiarize you with the fundamental principles of choices in sexuality. 1. Students will synthesize psychological theory and relevant research. 2. Students will design, run, and analyze descriptive, correlational, and experimental studies, and write research reports using APA style. 3. Students will use appropriate computer technology (e.g., statistical software, word processing programs, internet resources. etc.) to complete relevant assignments. 4. Students will communicate and present psychological concepts, principles, and theories clearly and effectively, both in oral and written form.
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“Positively Impacting Learning Through Evidence-Based Practices” COURSE ACTIVITIES/ASSIGNMENTS/REQUIREMENTS During this course, you will write an investigative paper and participate in a group project. These assignments are designed to give you a broader and more applied knowledge of the psychology of sex by applying what you have learned (e.g., theories). You may choose to do the paper as a group, but the grade assigned will apply to all group members. Cross-Cultural Interview. For this assignment, you will conduct a same-sex interview of a person from a different background (e.g., religious, cultural or ethnicity, foreign exchange student, or a gay/lesbian individual). The person you choose must be from a background that is unknown to you. You should ask the person to address the following questions:
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