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FALL-2011 SOCI 3750 Medical Sociology Hours of credit: 3 Prerequisites: SOCI 1101 or SOCI 1160 or permission of instructor Section A: MW 2:00- 3:15 AM in room 1169 University Center Instructor: Dr. Isik (Ishik) A. Denizman Phone: (229) 333-5987 or (229) 333-5943 Office: UC 1128 Office Hours: M/W 12:00PM-1:45PM and 3:15-4:15PM or by appointment. E-Mail: [email protected] Web Site: Textbook William C. Cockerham, Medical Sociology, Pearson Prentice Hall, Twelfth Edition Course Overview Prerequisites: SOCI 1101 or SOCI 1160 of permission of instructor. An analysis of the social processes effecting conditions of public health and disease and the cluster of social relationships and organizations that comprise the institution of medicine. Emphasis on social and cultural factors which influence definitions of public health and illness, causes, preventions, and treatments cross cultural comparisons, stress, delivery of health care, and health care professionals. Course Objectives and Outcomes: To introduce students to the essential concepts, theories, and research used in sociology to analyze the health issues.(Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4) To examine the socio-historical development of the public health and health care as a social institution, including the changing roles in societies.(Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4) To enhance the students’ understanding of the complexity of being healthy and how health conditions are shaped by race, ethnicity, social class, gender.(VSU Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4) To teach students the literature and database review skills needed to assess and synthesize the state of knowledge available to apply to the study of medical sociology.( Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4) To develop in students the ability to apply and utilize the basic quantitative and qualitative research and analytical techniques they will need in health issues. (Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4) To enable students to identify and examine health and health care problems and issues within the contemporary society.( Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4) To encourage critical thinking and writing skills that demonstrates the students’ abilities to understand and analyze social phenomena.( Sociology Concentration Objectives 1,2,3,4)
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Evaluating Performance/Assessments 1. Almost every class meeting, there will be quizzes, short essays with a literature review, presentations and discussions (2 points each) in class from the textbook and textbook materials. You may accumulate up to 50 points during the semester.
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syl_medical_fall_2011 - FALL-2011 SOCI 3750 Medical...

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