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Competency Model: Details A competency model is simply an explanation or list of the knowledge base and skills needed to accomplish the desired learning task. Later, as you develop your learning contract, you will use the competency model as a resource to help you articulate your individual objectives for the course. Step 1: Write overarching learning task. Overarching learning task: Ask yourself, “what do I want to get out of this course?” then state it in a concise sentence. You may even use the following sentence and replace the underlined sections with the applicable information. EXAMPLE: This semester I would like to gain a detailed mental image of the process of videostreaming that will enable me to incorporate streamed video into systematically designed web-based instruction and consequently produce an instructional website on methods of digitizing and editing video shot in the analog, ½ format. NOTICE: The multiple technologies I will have to learn – videostreaming, web pages, digitizing video, editing software. Step 2: Create list of related competencies Depending upon how much you know about the technologies you are interested in, you may need to do a little research to determine these competencies. You should choose technologies in which you need to acquire new skills, new knowledge, and new understanding. Also, it may be helpful to review the course objectives in your syllabus for guidance as to what you are expected to accomplish in the course. EXAMPLE:
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comptnc_mod_exp - Competency Model: Details A competency...

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