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Course Grade Composition At any time that you want to know your course grade simply add all the points you get in feedback from Dr. S. and see what percentage of the possible points you have. 90% or higher is an A, 80% - 89.99% is a B, etc. Possible Points 100 Learning Contract (10% of course grade) Significant components briefly described below. 50 Learning Contract Document: (50% of learning contract grade) The learning contract is an important part of any self-directed learning experience. A contract will be written by the student, revised in conjunction with the professor, and used to determine overall course performance. The contract will be the result of a self needs assessment and will include learning outcomes, resources and strategies, evidence of accomplishment of objectives, and how the evidence will be evaluated. 50 Culminating Experience - Presentations: How I met my Learning Contract (50% of learning contract grade) Your learning contract will be the basis for your own summative evaluation of your performance in the course. You will self assess to determine what percent of your learning contract you accomplished. In fact, if I were doing this I would keep my learning contract handy at all times and when I accomplished one of my objectives I would make a note in the margin that said what day I accomplished it and how I thought I did it. At the end of the semester you will turn in the grade that you think you deserve for the semester. This assessment will be based on your accomplishments and how they relate to your learning contract. If all of your assigned activities (production research, ID projects, final presentations, peer evaluations, etc.) have been completed in a satisfactory manner and you can validate your claims, you will receive
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course_grade - Course Grade Composition At any time that...

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