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General Design and Product Section Guidelines Design Document s are additional planning documents (scripts, storyboards, thumbnail sketches, etc.). You may be creative and innovative, straightforward and simple, and/or both. You will all think about and envision your projects differently. You will have different skills and different equipment. Some may need to sketch on a napkin and make it a PDF file, others may have storyboarding software on their machine. However, you choose to depict your project remember that the DESIGN DOCs are PLANNING DOCs. It is not the PowerPoint completed and printed, rather a document that helps visualize the final product before it is created. A design document can contain sketches, concept maps of ideas, plans, diagrams, storyboards, thumbnails and/or other tool that help you design your project. If you are using video, HyperStudio, Web sites, or PowerPoint to create multi-media lessons your design documents may need a product development component (like storyboards that map navigational links, overlay scripts with pictures, and notate the use of additional resources like music). Whatever you have or create as design documents they should be something that allows your partner (and eventually me) to help you think through your instruction, your product, and/or your intentions in a way that we can help you solve problems before they happen. It is primarily used for communication and consequently will be unique to your project, since you all have different things that you need to communicate. A design document is used for several reasons and may have several components. However, it should not be any longer than is necessary to get the point across.
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desdoc_gnl_gudln - General Design and Product Section...

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