gagne - A prerequisite to writing goals (overarching...

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A prerequisite to writing goals (overarching statements) and objectives (specific statements of what it takes to achieve a goal) is a having a familiarity with how people learn. As you think back on your previous instructional design classes remember Gagne’s organization of learning domains as a guide for writing performance objectives . If you need to review your ability to use the domains correctly try evaluating several goal statements by the learning domain they address. You can do this with the exercise that follows the chart. If you are unsure about writing objectives try identifying the three parts of objectives . In the document entitled “3 Part Objectives.” You will need to associate learning domains with instructional strategies in the lesson plan that you design for ITED 8300. You will also need to use 3 part performance objectives. If after practicing with these exercises you are still unclear about these topics, you should let Dr. Schmertzing know so that more instruction can be given. What is a Goal? A goal is a statement of what learners should be able to do at the conclusion of instruction. It is a broader statement than an objective The focus of a goal is on outcome or performance of the learner. Writing Goals
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gagne - A prerequisite to writing goals (overarching...

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