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Information on Journals Your journal is basically a log that includes the time you spent during the week working on your ID project, the activities that were done during that time, and brief reflections on your progress/satisfaction with the project. You should post to the journal/log a on a weekly basis. It is suggested that you not spend more than 15 minutes on any single week’s journal post. Streamline your entries as much as possible. EXAMPLE: Time spent this week: 32 hours Time spent on : Posting to discussions, ordering new software, reading articles (if you know time per event feel free to include it). Reflection: It only took me 10 hours to complete the assignments for the week so I moved ahead and began working on next week. The new software I chose to learn is more complicated than I anticipated and I may have to scale my project back. The journal is intended to help you keep a record and to help you do self-reflection and evaluation. At this point there is no required structure.
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Unformatted text preview: Hopefully, the lack of a format will let you record your thoughts in the way that suits your learning style best. You may want to structure your journal in some format that parallels your learning contract. At the end of the semester you will look back over your journal and validate the accomplishment of tasks listed on the learning contract. Please use your WebCt JOURNAL space to keep weekly records to inform me about your progress and/or daily records for yourself. If you choose to use your log for daily records, please indicate any SUMMARY ENTRY in the subject blank so that it will be easier for me to identify the main components of the journal. The JOURNAL: YOUR NAME works the same as any other discussion board. The difference is that you and I are the only two who have access to it. If you have questions please post them to the COURSE QUESTIONS discussion so other students can benefit from the QA....
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