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Sample Learning Contract Document This sample Learning Contract Document provides an example of the format that your learning contracts should follow. It will also give you some idea about the types of competencies you need to include when you construct your own learning contract. Your contract will differ somewhat because of the computer-based tool/tools you choose to learn. However, the structure and terminology should be quite similar. REMEMBER: Your learning contract needs to take into consideration the objectives for the course that are listed in your syllabus. You will need to accomplish all those objectives in the process of accomplishing your chosen objectives. Therefore, they should be clearly reflected in your contract. You do not need to state them word for word, but you need to recognize how they overlap with the objectives of your learning contract and consequently how the course assignments map onto your evidence column in the contract. Introduction (Rational for your contract and brief explanation of what you intend to do.) As a school media specialist, I have a responsibility for keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies that can benefit instruction of the students in our school. For my first project this semester, I would like to learn how to operate our new digital video camcorder and the iMovie feature of our school’s new iMac DVs. Upon a mastery of this goal, I want to 1) teach the use of these technologies to our teachers and 2) demonstrate to them through a model lesson plan how this technology can be integrated into classroom instruction.
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Competency Model (State the learning task succinctly.) Learning Task: This semester I would like to learn to successfully operate the digital video camcorder in conjunction with the iMac DV iMovie feature for the purpose of training classroom teachers in their
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learncontr_sample - Sample Learning Contract Document This...

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