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Partnering for Progress Now that I have seen your Project Contracts and have a good idea where you are going with your projects I would like to create a partner for you that can help you evaluate and improve your work. I’ve posted several things about the “Planning/Design Document packet” that will help get you started, but ultimately you need to create your own packet. However, the nature of a design document is that it communicates to others your ideas about a project and serves as a guide for you. Your partner is to be “the other,” the one you test your ideas on, the one you turn to for formative evaluation before you’ve spent 20 hours developing something that you have to go back and redo. By working in partners you should be able to clarify for each other whether the document works or not. I will not monitor your collaboration, I will not ask you how much time you spent working together, I will not force you to use your partner. However, I will tell you that partnerships were not created at random and that some of them may not seem as natural
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