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matinee-wind - John Ibsen DR099 Matinee Boston University...

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John Ibsen DR099 – Matinee 12/8/07 Boston University Wind Ensemble – Dec. 6 th 2007 – Tsai Performance Center The BU Wind Concert was a very enjoyable experience. The music selection was interesting and well matched. I went into the concert expecting to have a small collection of wind instruments with a fairly light repertoire. Instead, I found a full orchestra onstage with pieces that featured the light wind section. The first piece was by Samuel Barber, Commando March. This was a piece based upon a classic feel of an army march. It alternated between a brass-y drum filled march and a light airy flute and clarinet section. The concept of the specialty, sometimes stealthy, assault unit, the commandos is featured in juxtaposition with the use of a loud military march. There was a beautiful tension between the brass and the airy wind. The second piece, Divertimento, by Vincent Persichetti, was a broken up into six movements. The movements seemed to alternate between upbeat, fun and downbeat, solemn. There was a good balance that kept me interested and not bored in Persichetti’s
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