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Information Outline: Planning/Design Document 1. Packet Components - This document outlines the items to be included in your packet and gives brief explanations about each component. 2. General Planning and Analysis Section of Packet - The information you will find here will provide the subheadings for this section of your document as well as give 3 examples of previous work that are similar to what you will be doing. 3. General Guidelines for Design and Product Section of Packet – An explanation of design documents and their purpose is provided here. Also you will find samples of various pieces that students used in the past as part of their design documents. The samples will be listed under this section and may or may not apply to the type project you contracted to complete. Everyone’s project is unique
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Unformatted text preview: at this point so the samples are given as separate documents. Feedback and Samples that may help – Excerpts from feedback given to previous students that may give you some ideas about various types of graphical representation. 4. Lesson Plan Section of Pl/Des Packet – This document contains an outline of the components that should be included and 3 sample lesson plans. 5. Planning/Design Packet Assessment – The rubric that will be used to grade your packet is here. You will also use this rubric to evaluate your partner’s packet before they submit to me. 6. Criteria CheckList – This provides several samples of checklists. Do not duplicate a sample, but you may get ideas of the types of things that need to be included....
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