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Resources Information Outline 1. Gagne – A chart outlining the key components of learning domains, an explanation of instructional goals, and an exercise to test your knowledge. 2. 3 Part Objectives - The information you will find here has a brief explanation of the parts of objectives, an exercise to check your objective identification abilities, and the answers to the exercise. 3. Learning Contracts: A web-based workshop – The article that should be read Week 1 and discussed online. 4. Instructional Design terminology Visit this website for help with terms and definitions. 5. Instructional Design bibliography 22.html Visit this website for other recommended resources. 6. More on ID - Visit this website for another approach to instructional design.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Assorted Topics Related to ID- Visit this website for resources that discuss topics related to instructional design. 8. ADDIE information on the ADDIE instructional design model. 9. ASSURE information on the ASSURE instructional design model. 10. Article for Evaluation discussion: Evaluation of a multimedia package on pedagogical design and display of visuals 11. Article 1 for Diversity discussion: Valuing Diversity in the Multicultural Classroom. from ERIC Digest. Found on the web at 12. Article 2 for Diversity discussion: Using Technology in the Classroom to Maximize the Advantages of Diversity. Found on the web at
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