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WEEK 1A Assignments June 7 – June 9, Saturday, 6/9 All assignments DUE Topic: I f you have advanced to this page as a result of following the intended design of the course, you have already read the “Welcome,” “Course Format,” and “Explanation of the Weekly Schedule” document. If not, do that before proceeding. Read Syllabus ” [found in “General Course Info” on Content Module page], Course Grade Composition ” [found in “General Course Info” on Content Module page], and “ ID Project Description ” [found in “Course Projects” section on Content Module page]. Post any questions regarding your reading thus far to the discussion entitled, “COURSE QUESTIONS."
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Unformatted text preview: Introduce yourself by posting to the discussion entitled, “wk 1: Introductions and Ideas for ID Projects.” You will find a list of topics that you should address in your introduction in the opening post by Dr. S. entitled, “What to cover.” Review requirements for ID Project Contract. Located on CONTENT MODULE page of WebCt under “Course Projects” and then under “ID Project.” Look for Project Contract . Create ID Project Contract from template posted under “ID Project” and “Project Contract.” View Sample Project Contracts as needed [posted under “ID Project” and “Project Contract”]. Email it Dr. S. in WebCt email. (file name: userid_projcon)...
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