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WEEK 1B Assignments June 10 – June 13, Wednesday, 6/13 All assignments DUE Topic: Learning Contracts Complete Steps 1-3 of Steps to Completing the Learning Contract ” found in “Course Projects” on the CONTENT MODULE page in WebCt under “Learning Contract.” [Steps 4-6 will be required in Wk 2A.] Step 1: Read , "Learning Contracts: A Web-based Workshop." [Found in “Resources” section of “Content Module.” Step 2: Post to the "wk 1b: Article on LC " (LC=Learning Contracts) discussion. See Dr. S.’s initial post for guidance on how to respond to the article. Step 3: Complete the Learning Contracts Workshop . [See “Steps” in “Course Projects” for details on how to do this.] Read and reflect on Dr. Schmertzing's comments on "Learning Contracts and Instructional Design" found in the initial posting on the discussion entitled "opt: on WebCT. Note: Read Dr. S.’s comments this week, but posting does not have to be
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Unformatted text preview: done this week. It will be an ongoing discussion. Read Dr. S.’s “ Comments on ID” [found in the initial posting on the discussion entitled "opt: ID Models" on WebCT ] and consider Learning Opportunity 1 at the bottom of the page. The discussion "opt: ID MODELS" is a space provided for you to discuss with classmates any interesting new discoveries, pose questions, and/or share resources related to ID models. Note: "space provided" - You don't have to post here. However, this is where you will talk to each other about ID whenever you have a question. Beware: At the bottom of Dr. S’s comments there is a hint about something that should show up at the end of the semester in your evaluation of your performance in the course as it relates to your Learning Contract and accomplishing course objectives. Familiarize yourself with the Resources section of the “Content Module”....
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