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week2b - Exchange any ideas or information that you need to...

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WEEK 2B Assignments June 17 – June 20, Wednesday, 6/20 All assignments DUE Topic: Planning and Designing Instruction This week (and every subsequent week afterward) you will want to . . . Add to your annotated bibliography. Make entries in your journal. Keep abreast of postings to the ANNOUNCEMENTS & COURSE QUESTIONS discussion, but don't feel like you need to read everything everyone posts everywhere. Focus your time on your projects. Complete work on your ID Projects. Continue learning the new technology that you contracted to learn this semester. This week in addition to the tasks above you will need to . . . Check the ANNOUNCEMENTS for the “Partner List” and contact your partner. I will set up a list of partners. On your ID Project you are to work with your partner to establish your Planning/Design Documents.
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Unformatted text preview: Exchange any ideas or information that you need to in order to help each other complete the ID projects. See “Partnering for Progress” details as a subheading under “ID Projects” in the “Course Projects” section of the “Content Module.” Read the articles referenced in the “Discussions for Week 2B: Evaluation” document [Found under the “Discussions” section of the Content Module page.] and follow the discussion guidelines to complete the activities discussed in the document. Begin reading and processing the documents listed in the “Planning/Design Documents” section of the “ID Project” listed under “Course Projects” on the “Content Module.” These documents are quite in depth and will require lots of work over the next few weeks....
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