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Homework Chapter 13 13.2 solid iodine: induced dipole/induced dipole CH 3 OH: hydrogen bonding I 2 and CH 3 OH: dipole/induced dipole 13.16 (a) As the water cools, the vapor pressure of the water decreases, resulting in a decrease in the total pressure inside the bottle. The bottle will collapse because the pressure inside is less than the external pressure. (b) The normal boiling point of diethyl ether is 34.6 °C so the liquid will evaporate completely at body temperature (37 °C). 13.18 CH 4 < CO < NH 3 < SCl 2 (predicted based on increasing molar mass) CO < CH 4 < NH 3 < SCl 2 (actual order of increasing boiling point) —increasing boiling point 13.24 The area inside the box is a unit cell. Each unit cell contains 2 A squares and 2 B squares, so the simplest formula is AB. 13.30 (a) induced dipole/induced dipole (b) Since there are only weak intermolecular forces between the layers in graphite, the layers
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