keyIV - CHEM 1211 Test IV Multiple Choice Identify the...

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CHEM 1211 Test IV Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Convert 82.1 kPa to mm Hg. (1 atm = 760 mm Hg = 101.325 kPa) a. 0.810 mm Hg b. 10.9 mm Hg c. 616 mm Hg d. 2.40 × 10 3 mm Hg e. 6.32 × 10 6 mm Hg 2. At constant temperature, 14.0 L of O 2 at 0.882 atm is compressed to 1.75 L. What is the final pressure of O 2 ? a. 0.111 atm b. 0.142 atm c. 7.06 atm d. 21.6 atm e. 27.8 atm 3. A tightly sealed 5.0-L flask contains 781 mm Hg of Ar at 19 ° C. The flask is heated until the pressure is doubled. What is the temperature of the gas? a. -127 ° C b. 38 ° C c. 95 ° C d. 149 ° C e. 311 ° C 4. Avogadro's hypothesis states that equal volumes of gases under the same conditions of temperature and pressure have equal ____. a. densities b. particle velocities c. molar masses d. numbers of particles e. masses 5. The pressure in a 20.0 L flask is 0.512 atm at 72 ° C. How many moles of gas are in the flask? ( R = 0.08206 L·atm/mol·K) a. 0.0297 mol b. 0.142 mol c. 0.276 mol d. 0.362 mol e. 1.73 mol
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6. A mixture of He and O 2 is placed in a 4.00 L flask at 32 ° C. The partial pressure of the He is 2.7 atm and the partial pressure of the O 2 is 1.4 atm. What is the mole fraction of O 2 ? a. 0.224 b. 0.341 c. 0.481 d. 0.518 e. 0.659 7. Which of the following are postulates of kinetic-molecular theory of gases? 1. The distance between gas molecules is large in comparison to their size. 2. Gas molecules are in constant, random motion. 3. The kinetic energy of gas particles is proportional to the Kelvin temperature. a. 1 only
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keyIV - CHEM 1211 Test IV Multiple Choice Identify the...

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