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Multiple Choice (3 points each) 1. A statement of the second law of thermodynamics is that a. spontaneous reactions are always exothermic. b. energy is conserved in a chemical reaction. c. the Gibbs free energy is a function of both enthalpy and entropy. d. S = - H for any chemical reaction. e. in a spontaneous process, the entropy of the universe increases. 2. Which of the following linear chain alcohols is likely to have the highest standard entropy in the liquid state? a. CH 3 OH d. CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 OH b. CH 3 CH 2 OH e. CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 OH c. CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 OH 3. Which of the following processes involves a decrease in entropy? a. the decomposition of NH 3 (g) into H 2 (g) and N 2 (g) gas b. the dissolution of NaCl in water c. the condensation of steam to liquid water d. the evaporation of ethanol e. the sublimation of dry ice (i.e., CO 2 (s)) 4. If a chemical reaction has a positive change in entropy then a. the change in enthalpy is negative. b. the reaction is exothermic. c. heat goes from the system into the surroundings. d. the disorder of the system increases. e. the reaction is spontaneous. 5. Calculate the standard entropy change for the following reaction, 2 HgO(s) 2 Hg( l ) + O 2 (g) given S ° [HgO] = 70.3 J/K·mol, S ° [ Hg( l )] =76.0 J/K·mol, and S ° [O 2 (g)] = 205.1 J/K·mol. a. -216.5 J/K d. +351.4 J/K b. +210.8 J/K e. +497.7 J/K c. +216.5 J/K 6. If G ° < 0 for a reaction at all temperatures, then H ° is ____ and S ° is ____. a. negative, positive d. positive, positive b. positive, negative e. positive, either positive or negative c. negative, negative 7. At what temperatures will a reaction be spontaneous if H = -76.0 kJ and S = +231 J/K? a. All temperatures below 329 K b. Temperatures between 0 K and 231 K c. All temperatures above 329 K d. The reaction will be spontaneous at any temperature. e.
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key3(2) - CHEM 1212 Test III Multiple Choice (3 points...

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