test2 - 9. What is electronegativity? Describe one method...

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Chemistry 405 Test II Questions (5 point) 1. Draw the resonance structures and calculate the formal charge for all the atoms in SO 3 . 2. Draw the Lewis structures for: CS 2 ; ClF 3 . 3. What are the VSEPR shapes for the molecule listed in question 2? 4. Using your knowledge of Van der Waal forces, list the following in order of increasing boiling point: H 2 O Xe SiCl 4 LiI H 2 5. Using Bent s rules identify and justify the correct structure for PCl 2 F 3 . 6. Complete and balance the following equation, identifying the acid and the base: SO 3 + K 2 O ----> 7. Give a possible explanation for the following trend in acid strength: BF 3 < BCl 3 < BBr 3 8. What are the suggested hybridizations for the following molecular structures: Square Planar Square Pyramid Trigonal Bipyramidal
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is electronegativity? Describe one method of estimating electronegativity. 10. What is the Van der Waals Radii? What is its most common use? Questions (10 point) 1. Draw and completely label the Molecular Orbital diagram for HF. 2. Do the H h ckel Calculation for the ethylene (C 2 H 4 ). Calculate both the energy for the pi orbitals and the “shape” of the pi M.O’s. 3. Justify the following trend in bond angles: PF 3 PCl 3 PBr 3 PI 3 97.7 o 100.3 o 101.0 o 102 o 4. List and describe each of the Van der Waal s forces. 5. Define and write a chemical equation illustrating the following Acid/Base Definitions: Lux - Flood Lewis Bronsted - Lowry...
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test2 - 9. What is electronegativity? Describe one method...

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