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Unformatted text preview: 11-8-11 Cancer Issues Does a single gene cause mutation? NOO many do ** the longer you live, the more mutations you accumulate Gene therapy is more feasible if only one gene is involved 2. what else causes cancer? carcinogens - how do they get into our body 1. inhaled 2. absorbed (through skin) 3. ingested (eaten) 3. sunlight - denatures proteins - damages DNA - by causing adjacent pairs of thymine to bond to each other instead of to the opposite bases on the DNA strand - mutation! - How does skin peal when sunburnt? - the skin cells die so they peel off 4. Certain viruses HPV causes genital warts - the virus is also found in >90% of cervical viruses Benign tumor - uncontrolled growth with no obvious adverse affects **90% of these deaths were caused by smoking Melanoma: A = asymmetrical? B = border irregular? C = color uneven? D = diameter > 1/4 in.? E = evolving (changing)? STD’s *** 50-100 times higher in the US than in other developed countries Cause: spirillium bacterium Syphilis Chlamydia **second most common STD int he US **the most common among people our age HPV **most common STD in the US ...
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