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Unformatted text preview: MEDIA KIT 2011 2012 CLIENT TESTIMONIALS DOMINO’S ”I began advertising with The Odyssey as a brand new publication last fall. The Odyssey has been, by far, the most successful advertising strategy geared toward the Greek community since 2008. The return I saw from this targeted campaign was substantial and far exceeded all of my expectations for growth. Working with the designers at Olympia Media Group community.” Tanner Hansen, Owner (Franchisee) of Domino’s Pizza #1750   Iowa City, IA DUNKIN’ DONUTS “I’m pleased to recommend Olympia Media Group to your company. We collaborated on numerous marketing campaigns targeting the student population. Their services and creativity are top notch, and we have been very pleased with the work they’ve done for us. Each week and tie in to current events.” Kristi Morley, Marketing Manager of Dunkin’ Donuts   Bloomington, IN MAX MUSCLE “We started advertising with The Odyssey in it’s inaugural issue. I was looking for a way to have The designer at Olympia Media Group helped me come up with ads that targeted this the inventory in less than a week. The Odyssey is great for any business that is looking to build Craig David, Director of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition   Boulder, CO UPS STORE “Advertising with The Odyssey raised our net sales 10% last year. Not only was I impressed with the results, but I was pleased with the level of customer service I received while advertising with The Odyssey. I enjoyed the personal way they conducted business, and did not feel like just meet the seasonal needs of my business.” Guy Lyday, Regional Manager of UPS Store   Bloomington, IN ...
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